How can you stay fit at home?

How can you stay fit at home?

Do you sit at home like many people at the moment and do you miss going to the gym? Well, actually,  you don't need a gym to stay fit or to get in shape. So yes, you can also train at home. I can already hear you think 'At home I don't have the same equipment as in the gym'. But in fact you don't even need this. You can train with and without equipment.

Maybe you had already made quite a progress before the gym closed, or maybe you were just on the right track to achieve your goals. It's completely normal if you're afraid of losing all this by not being able to go to the gym anymore. Fortunately, there are plenty of reasons and options to exercise at home. Exercising at home may not seem effective, but you can certainly reap the benefits. Also without heavy weights and other equipment. At the end of the day, it's your own strength that delivers results.

Exercise without equipment

In sports, a distinction is always made between cardio and power training. You can do both without the need for any materials. As far as cardio workouts are concerned, jogging is one of the most common workouts. However, this is a workout for which you have to leave your home, but you can do it perfectly without having to go to the gym. One of the most effective cardio workouts for home is an 'HIIT  training', i.e. a High Intensity  Interval  Training. This  means that you exercise very intensively for short periods of time and that you alternate this with very short periods of rest. Here's an example: 40 seconds of knee lifting at your fastest, and then a 10-second rest period.  Make a set of 4 to 6 exercises and rest between each set for a maximum of one minute.

Examples of exercises you can do during a HIIT training:

Mountain climbers

Another workout you can do perfectly at home is a 'stairs workout'. All you need for this is a staircase. The intention of this exercise is that you start training all the muscles in your body, but with the focus on your legs and buttocks.


By doing both the HIIT and the stairs workout, you will notice that you only need your body weight for this. You will be  amazed that your body weight is often enough to create muscles as well as achieve results and goals. With these exercises you focus on multiple muscle groups by practicing one exercise. This makes it an effective workout.    

Exercise with equipment

If you are someone looking for a more versatile workout, it may be useful to purchase some materials and/or devices. This can range from weights, resistance bands, skipping ropes to treadmills, exercise bikes or all-in-one workout machines.

Weights can already be a good start. They are relatively favorable in price and they don’t take up a lot of space upstairs when not in use. With weights you can already vary a lot in your exercises. The resistance bands are also ideal for making your home workout a little more intense.


Are you someone who prefers to work with real fitness devices the way we know them in the gym? No problem, there is a wide range of fitness equipment that you have in your living room, basement or gym in no time. If you are more focused on cardio workouts, then equipment like a treadmill, exercise bike, crosstrainer, stepper, rowing machine,... are certainly machines you can’t afford to be without. Or would you rather go for the big picture? Then opt for a pull-up bar.

Have you seen those countless home workouts with toilet paper? However, this can also be seen as a weight or material that you can use during your training. For example, during most exercises, the toilet rolls are used as an extra weight or to make the exercise more difficult. Certainly not a bad idea, but a real weight will of course be much more effective.

What is the best environment to exercise at home?

Working out in your living room, basement, attic or outside? It's not easy for everyone to exercise at home. Not everyone has their own gym where they can do their daily workout. A small space can often be enough. Many ask themselves which environment is best to do a home workout. The most important elements you have to take into account are safety and enough space.

Indoor sports can be ideal for many workouts. Think of abdominal exercises, training your buttocks and legs or yoga. You can do all of these exercises perfectly in your living room. Often you just need  the space for a mat. What you should definitely keep in mind is that when you exercise indoors, for example in your living room, it can quickly become very hot. This could cause problems during your workout.

When the weather permits it or if you have a shelter, you can of course exercise in your garden. The advantages of this are that you have a larger space and extra oxygen, because you train outdoors.

Although this is not possible for everyone, creating your own 'gym' can create a certain routine. Decorate this room or space in order to escape from the stress of everyday things for a while. It's a moment, a space to come to yourself and to be busy with your own mindset. As for the design of this space, it's best not to use dark and boring colors. Feel free to pimp this room a little bit, so that it gives you a boost during your workout. Not only the color of the walls can do this, but also inspiring quotes, or a mirror in which you can see yourself doing the exercises. Anyway, make it your spot.

Home gym

Challenges and goals

Don't forget to set your goals or challenges. This can range from weight loss to creating more muscle mass. Each person sets their own goals for themselves. Based on these goals, you will do exercises and workouts. Whatever your goal or challenge may be, motivation is the driving factor that determines whether or not you achieve your goal.

Everyone has different reasons to train. Everyone’s course is different, but also unique. Not all of us are in the same phase of our course, one of us may be almost at the finish while the other one has only left at start. It's important not to mirror yourself to others. Go for your own purpose. However, your motivation can be gained from the results of others. A community network can ensure that you can achieve your ultimate goal together with others. You have the setting ‘at my own I can't do this', but there are always people who want to work with you towards this goal, so you are never alone.

Fortunately, there are also many factors that can play a big role as motivation, and can give you that extra push. Here are some examples:

  • Music
  • Fitness buddy
  • Live workouts
  • Workout apps
  • ...

So, set yourself a goal and stay motivated to work on it. Achieving your goal is not possible in one day, but you get one step closer to the finish line every day.

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