Our strength training equipment will get you into beast mode and develop more muscle mass than ever before!


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Powerline Multi-Bench Package PFID125XPD

Package Deals

€399.00 €484.00
Temporarily sold out
Steelflex Eight-Stack Jungle Gym JG8000

Jungle Gym

Temporarily sold out
Steelflex Five-Stack Jungle Gym JG5000

Jungle Gym

Temporarily sold out
Steelflex Jungle Gym JG2000

Jungle Gym

Steelflex M3D Back Row Machine M3DBR

Back Row Machine

Steelflex M3D Chest Machine M3DFC

Chest Machine

Steelflex M3D High Low Pulley M3DHL

High Low Pulley

€1,990.00 €3,995.00
Temporarily sold out
Steelflex M3D Smith machine M3DSM

Smith machine

Steelflex Mega Power Adduction - Abduction MTH1100

Adduction - Abduction

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