Our strength training equipment will get you into beast mode and develop more muscle mass than ever before!


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Body-Solid Ankle Weights BSTAW

Ankle Weights

From €69.00
Body-Solid Tools Ab Crunch Harness ACH18

Ab Crunch Harness

Temporarily sold out
Body-Solid Tools Core Essentials Box BSTPACK

Core Essentials Pack

Temporarily sold out
Body-Solid Tools Fitness Bars BSTFB

Fitness Bars

From €40.00
Body-Solid Tools Fitness Training Ropes BSTBR

Training Ropes

From €125.00
Body-Solid Tools Plyo Boxes BSTPB

Plyo Box

From €97.00
Body-Solid Tools Power Bands BSTB

Power Band

From €25.00
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