Powerline Power Rack PPR200X

Product Description

    Fire up your workouts on one of the first inventions that allowed weightlifters to workout safely and effectively, the Power Rack! Created several years ago, nearly every gym has one...so why not you? With the wide "walk-in" design there is plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises such as squats, incline, decline, flat and military presses as well as shrugs and calf raises. Complete with 18 positions, two heat tempered lift-offs and two saber style safety rods so you can keep your exercise routine the way it should be simple and effective.

    Wide 'walk in' design

    • 18 adjustment levels
    • Structure of casted steal
    • Chin up bar Ø 25 mm
    • Heat tempered lift-offs and saber-style safety rods keep your workouts simple, safe and effective
    • Ideal for private use


    • Dimensions: L 117 cm x W 112 cm x H 208 cm
    • Weight: 62 kg
    • Color: grey, lining black