Body-Solid Proselect Multi-Functional Press GMFP-STK

Product Description

The ProSelect Multi press is the most versatile selectorized piece in the Body-Solid line. With built in functional training arms, the GMFP-STK allows for vertical chest presses, incline and decline presses from a multi-adjustable seated position. Then move to the opposite side and perform standing shoulder presses. Outtted with 180 degree rotating pulleys, this multi press unit can accommodate a swiss ball for stability exercises. This uniquely designed piece is perfect for any home and light commercial application.

  • User defined movements recruit stabilizer muscles
  • Rotating pulleys provide smooth resistance
  • Includes nylon cable handles
  • Pulleys rotate 180 degrees
  • Adjustable seat pad ensures proper fit
  • Perfect for light commercial facilities
  • Standard with 95 kg weight stack
  • Optional 140 kg stack upgrade
  • Dimensions: W150 x L203 x H178 cm