Body-Solid Olympic Bar w/ Needle Bearings 220cm (shaft: 28 mm) OB220MA

Product Description


The OB220MA Men’s Olympic Bar with Needle Bearings is made from the highest tensile strength steel. Tensile strength is the measurement of force required to break solid steel Olympic bar shafts. At a rating of 200,000 PSI, the OB220MA is able to withstand the harshest CrossFit WOD’s, olympic lifts with bumper plates or heavy powerlifting without compromising its structural integrity. The gripping area combines a 28 mm diameter shaft with medium knurling for outstanding holding power and a moderate amount of whip.

Sleeves are precision milled and secured with dual snap rings for extra strength. Inside each are 4 high quality needle bearings and a brass bushing, delivering buttery smooth rotation. Top that off with hardened chrome finish at a price less than half of comparable bars and you have a fantastic bar at a fantastic value.

  • Man's bar
  • Diameter shaft 28 mm
  • 4 Bearings
  • Multi Knurl 
  •  Dual markings, no center knurling
  • Tensile strength 200.000 PSI
  • Black zinc shaft coating
  • Hardened chrome sleeve coating 
  • Alloy steel shaft, 45# steel sleeve, neadle bearing, brass bushing, spring steel clips
  • Weight capacity: 1500 lbs / 680 kg 
  • Product size: L 2200 x W 49.9 mm
  • Netto weight: 20 kg
  • Shipping weight: 21 kg