Strength Accessories

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Body-Solid Tools Mini Bands BSTBM

Body-Solid, Strength, Accessories

From €2.00
Bodytrading Mini Exercise Bands MIBA

Resistance bands

From €3.00 €6.00
Bodytrading Super Resistance Bands BTSRB

Power Band

From €6.00 €10.00
Bodytrading Easy Wrist Wrap SU100

Wrist Wrap

€6.30 €9.00
Bodytrading Pull Expander BTPE

Resistance Tube

€7.00 €12.00
Body-Solid Tools Yoga Block BSTYB10

Body-Solid, Strength, Accessories

Temporarily sold out
Bodytrading Lifting Straps GR110BL

Lifting Straps

Bodytrading Neoprene Dipping Belt BE195

Bodytrading Accessories

€10.00 €35.00
Body-Solid Tools Resistance Tube Door Attachment BSTRTDA

Body-Solid, Strength, Accessories

Bodytrading Grip Pad GR130

Bodytrading Accessories

Body-Solid Tools Grip Trainers BSTGT

Body-Solid, Strength, Accessories

From €12.00
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