Spirit Medical Fitness Treadmill MEDT200

Product Description

Orthopedic, sports medicine, and athletic training exercise: use uphill or downhill walking and jogging to emphasize specific muscle groups or motions. Use retro-walking to promote. The use of reciprocal muscle groups not normally exercised during forward walking alone.

Cardiopulmonary exercise: Monitor heart rate by telemetry or contact heart rate in handgrips. Met level displayed for easy compliance to patient exercise prescriptions. Belt speeds as low as 0.1 mph to accommodate even the most deconditioned patient.

Older adult exercise: Simulate uphill and downhill walking. Retro-walk to reduce flexion contractures with total knee and total hip replacements. Retro-walk is also great for promoting dorsiflexion. (using the dual height geriatric/pediatric handrails).

Pediatric exercise: Small and precise speed increments and adjustable handrails make this treadmill ideal for use with children too.

Neurological rehabilitation exercise: Treadmills have long been used in therapy and conditioning to encourage patient compliance. Now, the small speed increments, specially configured handrails, and gait monitoring permit the neurologically impaired patient population to safely benefit as well.

  • Two independent incline motors providing true incline and decline:
    • Front incline range from 0 to 15 % grade
    • Rear decline range from 0 to - 10 % grade
  • True zero speed(when the belt is not moving the motor is locked for patient safety)
  • Bi-directional belt speed:
    • Forward belt speed from 0.1 to 10 mph in 0.1 mph increments
    • Reverse belt speed from 0.1 to 3.0 mph in 0.1 mph increments – reverse walking
  • Adjustable belt speed acceleration: adjustment range is 1 second to 1 minute for every 1 mph of belt speed
  • Low step-up height(removable patient step-up)
  • Adjustable full length, handrails for safety
    • accommodates a wide variety of patient populations):
    • Height : 62 to 87,6 cm
    • Width : 50 to 78.5 cm
  • Instrumented deck to provide basic gait, assessment and training: graphical and numeric measurements of step count, steps per minute (cadence) stride length and left vs. right gait symmetry
  • Multiple program modes: vo2, heart rate, manual, preset programs: hill, plateau, and interval, custom facility program
  • Multiple display modes: mets, symmetry, cadence, stride length, steps, pace, all standard biofeedback displays.
  • Intuitive interface for ease of operation
  • Large easy to read displays
  • Set-up mode button allows for easy access to quick patient data entry, program and treadmill function entries
  • Easy access to all program modes, quick start, manual, preset, hill, plateau, and interval profiles, custom facility, v02 sub-max gerkin protocol program and symmetry programs
  • Instrumented deck to allow basic gait assessment and training.
  • Power: 90 to 240 volts AC optional)
  • Motor: 3hp continuous duty
  • Self-lubricating belt/deck
  • Dimensions: 238.8cm x 91.4cm x 143.5cm
  • Step-up height: to step: 11.5cm / to deck: 49.5cm
  • Stride surface: 152.5cm x 56cm
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Warranty:
    • Frame: lifetime
    • Motors: 5 years
    • Tread belt: 5 years
    • Mechanical and electronic components: 3 years
    • Wearable items: 1 year
    • Labour: 1 year

This machine is only on demand !