Spirit Medical Fitness Stepper MEDS300

Product Description

Combined upper and lower body movements: Provides full body workout, building strength and range-of-motion and utilizing wellness programs to increase longevity.

Dependently linked, linear motion pedals: Enables users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of-motion capabilities

Closed kinetic chain: provides low impact, functional movement with minimal stress on knees, ankles, hips and low back in a safe and comfortable semi-recumbent position

Quadrilateral exercise pattern: Allows users to distribute the exercise efforts across four limbs. By reducing the effort from the involved limb and transferring a greater effort to the uninvolved limbs, they will maintain an elevated heart rate to achieve exercise potential.

Applications include: Orthopedic, sports medicine, neurological, and cardiac rehabilitation as well as senior rehab and wellness training

  • Step-through frame design
  • Linked upper and lower body
  • Linear pattern
  • Adjustable handles: with articulating hand grips
  • Cushioned footplates: with foot straps
  • Adjustable step range: from 2.54 cm to 31.75 cm
  • Resistance mode: Isokinetic - step speeds from 10 to 210 steps/minute
  • Low inertia: starting resistance of 5 watt
  • Work rate: range from under 5 watts up to 750 watts
  • Heart rate monitoring: both handle held and telemetry
  • Multiple seat adjustments:
    • 8 position swivel seat with seat belt for patien
    • Safety and ease of patient ingress and egress
    • 6 position recline seat back for hip angle adjustments
    • Fore/aft patient positioning
  • Symmetry monitoring: measurement of bi-lateral power (example: left 41 watts - Right 34 watts)
  • Natural motion: 1:1 leg to arm ratio
  • Intuitive interface for ease of operation
  • Large, easy-to-read displays: Time, Speed (steps per minute),Step Length, Step Count, Watts, calories, mets, Heart Rate, Resistance Level, Symmetry, and much more
  • Programs: Manual, Hill, Plateau, Interval, Facility, HR and Symmetry
  • Unique Symmetry program that measures and displays power throughout the pedal stroke. Biofeedback encourages patients to maintain power between right and left side
  • Isokinetic resistance - is a safe and accommodating resistance that is patient determined throughout the entire range of motion
  • Power train:
    1. Heavy duty, 8 groove poly-v belt for smooth, quiet operation
    2. The foot pedal assembly rides on high-end linear bearings and guides
  • Braking device:
    1. Eddy Current Brake (Quiet, frictionless and maintenance free)
    2. Small flywheel mass ensures a minimum starting torque providing low inertia
  • Power: 90 to 240 volts AC
  • Dimensions: 172 cm x 76 cm x 122 cm
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Max user weight: 200 kg
  • Warranty:
    • Frame: Lifetime
    • Mechanical and Electronic Components : 3 years
    • Wearable Items: 1 year
    • Labour: 1 year

This machine is only on demand !