Powerline 45° Back Hyperextension PHYP200X

Product Description

    It's a combination inverted back extension and oblique flexor, set at an exact 45° angle for ultimate conditioning. Strengthen your lower back safely and comfortably on the strongest 45° Hyper available. Telescoping midsection pads adjust to all size users and feature thick, double stitched pads for comfort and support. Over-sized 20 cm foam rollers hold you securely in place. Fully adjustable 10 cm thick midsection pads provide maximum comfort for all size users.

    • Relieves lower back pain
    • Fights compression fatigue
    • Increases flexibility
    • Improves circulation
    • Strengthens back and abdominal muscles
    • Ideal for private use


    • Dimensions: L 107 cm x W 66 cm x H 84 cm
    • Weight: 20 kg
    • Color: grey, black lining