Evocardio Renegade Airbike AB100

Product Description


The Renegade air Bike is an upright stationary exercise bike with handles, also known as a fan bike. the resistance is provided by a fan wheel that exponentially increases wind resistance as you pedal harder. the intensity of exercise on the Renegade air Bike is completely dependent on the person exercising. You can exercise your lower and upper body at the same time, or exercise your legs or arms independently, simply by resting your feet on pegs in the center of the fan wheel.

Out of all fitness equipment available for losing weight, air Bikes are the most popular, because they are light and easy-to-use. the Renegade air Bike is a great way to exercise conveniently and efficiently, especially in the comfort of own home. it’s easy to use and a good machine for burning fat.

The Renegade air Bike is designed and built for intensive use, and is suitable for commercial grade settings as well as home use. Built to withstand everything that’s thrown at it, the Renegade is one tough competitor and is fully equipped with industry leading gear.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Ideal for people not used to exercising or very overweight people
  • Ideal if bad weather doesn’t allow outside activities
  • Watch TV during a workout
  • Low injury risk to knees and ankles
  • Easy to develop a rhythmic pace for better fat burning
  • Helps develop leg strength
  • Air/fan assisted bikes help cool down skin while working out
  • Console: Large LCD Console, wireless receiver
  • Dimensions product : L 123 x W 76.5 x H 138.5 cm
  • Dimensions carton :  L 131 x W 88 x H 38 cm
  • NW / GW : 71.5  kg / 76 kg
  • Max. user weight :  150 kg


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