Body-Solid Hexagon Functional Tall Training Rig SR-HEXPRO

Product Description

The Body-Solid Hexagon Functional Training Rig is a customizable functional training system. The hexagonshape ?ts over twenty attachments allowing you to con?gure them in the way you want. The Hexagon Pro SR-HEXPRO is available for larger facilities and has a 252 cm base and 335 cm loaded height (The Body-Solid Hexagon System (SR-HEX) is 211 cm tall and perfect for garages and residential applications). Both are expandable, allowing you to bolt two or more units together, now or later.

This level of customization ensures you can out?t the Hexagon System to your speci?c facility needs. Functional training and group exercises are two of the most exciting trends in the fitness industry. The Body-Solid Hexagon System is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most current exercise trends in the comfort of their home.

Start with the HEXAGON base frame SR-HEXPRO. Next, choose the stations right for you. The HEXAGON is a modular training systems that fits any combination of up to twenty of the 23 available stations. Mix and match to create the perfect fit for your facility needs.

Or, choose from one of our pre-designed packages as a starting point. We’ve developed three different packages: Basic, Advanced and Club.

You also have the possibility to compose your own Hexagon Rig and choose from the 23 individual HEXAGON attachments.

  • 76 x 76 mm 11 gauge steel mainframe
  • Chip resistant powder coat paint finish
  • Oversized 19 mm hardware
  • Expandable
  • Fixing on floor necessary
  • Dimensions: L 300 x W 188 x H 251.5 cm
  • Weight: 192.5 kg
  • Commercial Warranty