Pre-order FAQ

Just like the rest of the world we also have to adapt to the new challenges of our time. One of the ways we are doing this is by offering our customers the possibility to pre-order products that are currently in transit to our warehouses. We’ll gladly give you some more context of why we are doing this.



Why are we offering pre-orders?

Currently a lot of popular products are sold out in our shop. But there’s good news, we have a lot of new inventory currently on the way. To make sure you get your products right away when they’re back in stock, we will now allow you to order them right away.

Which products are available for pre-order?

All of the products that you can pre-order are clearly labeled as such. Next up you can just order them like any other product.

When will my pre-order be delivered?

We will show you the expected delivery date on the product page itself when it is available for pre-order. Keep in mind that the expected delivery date is an estimate. These products are currently in transit by ship from our suppliers, so there can be small changes based on weather conditions etc.

Why your pre-order is a win-win!

When you pre-order your product today this is actually better for both of us. You are sure that you can buy the product you want and have it shipped to you as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. On the other hand we can use the pre-order to make sure that our operations are planned accordingly. We are expecting a lot of new stock this month. This means that when we can’t plan ahead there will inevitably be some delays when you order on our most busy days. With your pre-order, you’ll be at the front of the line.